Few people don’t enjoy their retreat to their favorite Indian Wells salon, but having to make a trip there every other week can become costly both in terms of money and time. One of the many reasons why people are forced to visit their Indian Wells salon regularly is because their hair color does not retain for too long the same shine it had when you first walked out of the salon. Luckily, there are a handful of things you can do to make the color in your hair last longer.

Before before the Color Treatment

You might not have realized this, but you don’t just have to take care after your color treatment. Start using protein-based conditioners from as long as one week before your appointment. It is important that you do not apply shampoo on the day you plan on visiting an Indian Wells salon since shampoos tend to soften hair and reduce their ability to retain color.

Right after the color treatment.

Many people are eager to get rid of the color traces as soon as they get back from their Indian Wells salon. However, it is necessary that you leave your dye on for as long as possible before actually washing your hair. Some people leave their hair unwashed for as many as 24 hours before washing it. Even when you do decide to wash it, make sure not to use hot water or shampoo since these will help wash out the color much faster. You can go back to your hot, steamy showers and shampoo a few days after your color treatment.

Ongoing Care

Even if it has been a while since you have visited your salon, it is important that you regularly gloss your hair so that it does not appear to look faded and worn out. Gloss is a cheaper alternative to color treatment and it helps restore a lot of the color pigments that are lost over time. Best of all, you don’t need to visit an Indian Wells salon to gloss your hair!