Brushing technique of your hair is arguably as important as any products you use to clean and maintain it, perhaps more so. We learn to groom at an early age by our parents which is basically a straight-forward copy of how they maintain their hair and while we like to always believe mum is right, she may not actually know the best way to brush and has consistently copied what her mother taught her. An old saying suggests that 100 strokes a day is the ideal, not so.

Here is how Agim Salon would recommend brushing your hair.

Begin by standing upright, not sitting down. Bend down, using your waist as the pivotal point, and go down as far as possible. This allows blood in the upper part of your body to flow to your head and in to the scalp. The increased circulation of blood will nourish and stimulate the follicles and scalp which in turn promotes new hair to growth.

Stay bent over and using a firm grip on your hair brush handle, starting at the neck with easy and slow strokes; brush the hair all the way to the ends. Repeat this to brush through all of your hair and keep repeating this for 4 to 5 minutes. This process will stimulate the scalp and glands but best of all the brush bristles will begin to fill up with sebum.

Now your brush is loaded with sebum, stand upright again (doing this too quickly may make you feel dizzy so raise your head slowly). Again with slow and gentle movements, starting at the hair line, brush through to the ends and try not to scratch the scalp while doing this. This action will provide all of your hair with a lovely coat of sebum that acts as a conditioner for your hair, giving it body and a beautiful luster.