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A Guide to Long-Lasting Hair Color

Few people don’t enjoy their retreat to their favorite Indian Wells salon, but having to make a trip there every other week can become costly both in terms of money and time. One of the many reasons why people are forced to visit their Indian Wells salon regularly is because their hair color does not retain for too long the same shine it had when you first walked out of the salon. Luckily, there are a handful of things you can do to make the color in your hair last longer.

Before before the Color Treatment

You might not have realized this, but you don’t just have to take care after your color treatment. Start using protein-based conditioners from as long as one week before your appointment. It is important that you do not apply shampoo on the day you plan on visiting an Indian Wells salon since shampoos tend to soften hair and reduce their ability to retain color.

Right after the color treatment.

Many people are eager to get rid of the color traces as soon as they get back from their Indian Wells salon. However, it is necessary that you leave your dye on for as long as possible before actually washing your hair. Some people leave their hair unwashed for as many as 24 hours before washing it. Even when you do decide to wash it, make sure not to use hot water or shampoo since these will help wash out the color much faster. You can go back to your hot, steamy showers and shampoo a few days after your color treatment.

Ongoing Care

Even if it has been a while since you have visited your salon, it is important that you regularly gloss your hair so that it does not appear to look faded and worn out. Gloss is a cheaper alternative to color treatment and it helps restore a lot of the color pigments that are lost over time. Best of all, you don’t need to visit an Indian Wells salon to gloss your hair!


How to Manicure Your Nails at Home

Knowing how to manicure your nails at home is a useful skill since it is not always possible to go to an Indian Wells salon for a professional manicure. Although you may not be able to replicate the job that a professional Indian Wells salon would offer, with this guide, you might be able to do a fairly good job to last you until you can make an appointment at your favorite Indian Wells salon.

The first step to manicure your nails at home is to get all the necessary supplies in one place. You should make sure you have a bottle of nail-polish remover, cotton swabs, Cuticle pushers, nippers and removers are also needed. Nail and hand moisturizers are important if you want a complete manicure experience, as is nail polish. If you feel your nails are out of shape, keep a nail filer handy as well.

Once you get these supplies together, you should first remove any nail polish you have previously applied. Acetone-based nail polish removers are particularly effective in quickly removing nail polish. Once the nail polish is out, you have to shape your nails. First clip your nails if you feel they are too long. Once they have dried out completely, file them into a slightly rounded nail shape.

As soon as your nails are the right shape and size, you should soak them in a bowl of warm water. Some people opt to put face cleansers into the bowl of warm water since this can help clean out the nail and make it easier to trip the cuticle. Soak for no more than three minutes since extensive soaking can damage your nails.

Gently applying cuticle remover on the thickened skin around your nail can help clean out your nails easily. If you have a cuticle pushing tool, use it to push the cuticle back very carefully so that you can expose more of your nail to the manicure.

Once you have trimmed the cuticle, go ahead and apply moisturizer on your hands and nails. Once your nails are dry, you can apply a new nail polish and have your hands looking beautiful even without having to visit an Indian Wells salon.

How to Make your Skin Healthier

Perfect, glowing skin is not near as elusive as it you may think it is. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to visit an Indian Wells salon to make your skin look fantastic. Sure, a quality Indian Wells salon probably has enough skill to make your skin look great, but there is no reason you cannot make changes to your lifestyle to make it look fantastic on your own.

You might have heard it before and you will definitely hear it again – but only because it is so vital if one wishes to boast beautiful, perfect skin – you absolutely must . The fact of the matter is that no matter how often you visit an Indian Wells salon for skin care, you will still need to stay away from white bread and excessive carbohydrates. More importantly, you should increase your consumption of oily fish such as salmon since they are packed with Omega-3. The path to healthy skin might not be all that bad if you’re a fan of red wine, since it contains helpful antioxidants.

Besides diet, you should also be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle. If you ever head out in the sun, you should be careful to apply sunscreen on all parts of your skin that will be exposed to the sun. Although it has been proven that skin benefits from Vitamin D in the sun, unfortunately, sunlight is also filled with UV radiation that can cause skin cancer in people. Sunscreen is the only answer to healthy skin for people who spend excessive amounts of time in the sun.

You don’t need to visit an Indian Wells salon everyday to ensure smooth and healthy skin. As long as you make it a habit to regularly apply moisturizer on your skin, you should be alright even without regular professional help. It is important to note, however, that the kind of facials you can get at any Indian Wells salon cannot be easily replicated at home, so it is okay to spoil yourself once in a while and really let your skin flourish.

Why you should visit an Indian Wells salon to dye your hair

It is tempting to just dye your own hair at home rather than going through the hassle of visiting an Indian Wells salon. Not only can you save a lot of money, but you can also enjoy a great deal of convenience since you do not have to go through the hassle of making an appointment and traveling all the way to the Indian Wells salon. Moreover, these days, a number of hair coloring kits are available that have helpful instructions and are really easy to use.

Despite all the benefits associated with dying your own hair, it is important to realize you are probably not going to be able to do the same kind of job that a professional Indian Wells salon can. No matter how much experience you have dying your hair at home, you are not a color expert. Different dyes require different application times, and although they usually come with instructions, they still need to be applied evenly all over your scalp.

Dying your hair at home might work out fine if you want to color the odd white hair, but if you want to make a drastic fashion statement, it might be slightly too risky trying to do it on your own. Professional Indian Wells salon workers would be best equipped to color your hair into a new and exciting tone. Since they have the necessary experience of doing so countless times in the past, they’ll know whether or not any particular color will look great on you.

The biggest con of dying your hair at home is that if you make a mistake, it will really cost you. Not only will you have to pay a significant sum of money. Not only is color correction therapy costly but it also takes a toll on your hair. If you don’t want the quality of your hair to suffer, it is best that you visit an Indian Wells salon to dye your hair today!


What to look for in an Indian Wells Salon

For many people, nothing is quite as relaxing as spending an entire day at the salon. Finding a perfect Indian Wells salon is not an easy task since a number of factors help determine just how great a particular salon is. In this article, we will look at some of the most important considerations that must be made when deciding which Indian Wells salon to visit.


The first consideration you should take into account when deciding which Indian Wells salon to call your second home is its distance from where you are, and its general location. Ideally, your salon should be walking distance from where you live or work. If you use public transport, you should make sure the local public transportation can take you there without having to change too many buses or trains.


Nothing is more off-putting for most salon-goers than a lack of hygiene. It normally does not take more than two visits to determine whether a particular Indian Wells salon is clean enough for you to regularly visit. Brushes and scissors should be properly kept aside when not in use, and sheets and towels should not have hair on them before they are given to you.

Service quality

The most important thing, of course, is the quality of service that the Indian Wells salon is providing to you. The entire purpose of visiting a salon is to look great when you are leaving. If the staff is not skilled enough to make that happen, you should look elsewhere without any second thoughts.

Staff personality

Many go to a salon not just to get work done on their appearance, but also to relax a little. Friendly salon staff is a general requirement since you cannot truly relax in the presence of uptight people.