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Manicure – as easy as 1-2-3

This week, Agim Salon is going unisex on our topic, the topic of manicures and how to manicure your own nails. It is a straight forward task requiring a few tools and a little bit of time to do the job properly. Manicure sets are readily available and do not need to be the most expensive to get great results.

By using the diagram above you should be able to find your way around your nails with ease.

Now to making your nails look and feel perfect.

  • Wash your hands, and then dry them.
  • Using an emery board nail file (double-sided), gently file the “distal edge” of the nail. Try not to go too close to the corners as you could weaken them this way.
  • While filing, you can shape your nails. The most common is perhaps in an oval but the shape of your hand may be better suited to a “flat” look
  • To see how smooth you have made your nails run them over a pair of nylon tights (or similar). If the nails are smooth, they will not snag the nylon.
  • Now it is time to pay attention to the cuticles by applying a softener to them and allow the softener to soak the cuticles for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.
  • Place your hands in some warm water (preferably in a bowl) and soak the nails for a few more minutes.
  • Now you can push the cuticles from front to back of the nail. This will remove the excess growth and should be painless.
  • Now put some hand lotion on one set of nails and massage it in to the fingers with the palm of the other hand, then simply repeat the process for the other hand.

This procedure is fine if you are not wearing nail varnish, if you are wearing nail varnish then return next week when Agim Salon will show you how to deal with this too.

If you have any question relating to any aspects of hair or beauty please do not hesitate to contact us.

Don’t panic guys

Last week, Agim Salon may have given some men a bit of a jolt, so this week we are going to try and make some reassuring noises for men when it comes to “upping your game” to meet the demands of the modern day woman.

We have put together a few tips that are not at all drastic and do not even mean buying any make up or anything else particularly special (unless you want to) but take the steps below that you do not currently take and you will see the difference. More importantly, other people will see the difference!

Remove hair from the neck and ears. – Hair that sticks out of a shirt collar, or worse the ears, is a bit of a turn off. If you have a hair trimmer at home, so much the better as you can do this very frequently and keep on top of it, failing that an occasional trip to your hairdresser is in order.

Remove nasal hair – As you get older, the hair that seems to disappear from one area suddenly starts to appear somewhere else! That somewhere else is more often than not in your nose. There are hair electronic clippers available for this very job, alternatively you could use a pair of long pointed scissors but make sure they are sharp.

Sort out those eyebrows – Eyebrow hair seems to grow quicker than most others and in no time you can have quite an impressive bush above each eye, however many ladies are not quite as impressed. A simple trim with a good pair of scissors and a comb should be enough to make a huge difference.

That was not so bad, was it? Return again over the next few weeks when we at Agim Salon will return to this topic and highlight a few more tips to help improve your appearance.

Love your lashes

This week, Agim Salon is going to touch on Mascara, well some types of mascara to be more precise. They come in a variety of forms from the basic to the glittery types. The choice can be overwhelming to the inexperienced user so we are going to try and simplify things a little and highlight some major differences.

First thing to explain is that there are just two basic kinds of mascara based on their composition, water proof and non-water proof. The water proof version will resist moisture such as rain, sweat or tears etc. Whichever type you buy, they are likely to be wax, fat or oil based products as these are water repellant.

The water proof mascaras are perhaps best for those that are active or at work for the majority of the day as they do not require frequent attention to keep them looking just right and ideal for wearing to places like the beach, parties or visiting anywhere where there is moisture in the air. The only downside is that water proof mascara requires a make-up remover to get rid of it. You may be able to remove a certain amount with soap and water but you will never remove all of it. Some manufactures are a little sneaky and produce mascara that can only be removed by using their mascara remover and it is possible that by trying another brand of remover could cause some kind of adverse reaction.

Non-water proof mascara will not last on the lashes as long but they should not be considered as being inferior to the water proof version, and are manufactured to be easier and lighter to apply. This lighter composition enables manufacturers to add other ingredients to create specialty mascaras. Being non-water proof they will of course run when in contact with some kind of moisture which will place a limit on how long you can wear it but on the plus side they are easily removed.

Mascaras are mainly either in a liquid, powder of cream form. The powders were the original form and are dusted over eye lashes or put on using a wet brush and are ideal for a short duration.

The creams are heavier but their properties also mean they have a strong hold and a good thickening effect. Putting it on can be a messy affair but using a grooved applicator makes the job easier.

The most common of the modern day are the liquids and are the best for coloring and darkening your lashes and absolutely ideal with well curled eye lashes to add a little definition.

Agim Salon stocks the Fifth Element range of mascara products – Volume X, Water Proof and Liquid Liner in a wide range of colors. Contact Agim Salon to discuss any aspect of mascara or indeed any other beauty products or tips.


Out of the dark

A few weeks ago Agim Salon discussed changing hair color to dark from light, a simple enough process but what about making the opposite change?

There are some methods you can adopt and visiting a salon is just one of them and if you want to try one or more methods suggested below just remember that timing and hair condition need consideration, Agim Salon would recommend you visit a hair salon to discuss these kind of consideration. You can ask Agim Salon who will be happy to help.


While direct sunlight will create a lighter shade it only changes the hair that is exposed to its rays. If you are happy with just the outer layer being lighter and you are fortunate enough to have sufficient sunlight then you can do this at no cost.

For those of you who want to achieve more or cannot spend enough time in the sun, here are a few methods you could try out.

Off-the-shelf product

Many local drugs stores stock lightening sprays, which are simply to use and are easily affordable. Spray the hair where you want it and blow dry. Did I mention it was simple? If you are going out in to the sun you can perform this very easily task just before you go out and the sun will create a chemical reaction with the spray and make the color even lighter.


Many drug stores also stock hair dye and this can be used to lighten hair coloring but is perhaps limited to achieving just 2 or 3 shades lighter. Select a shade slightly lighter than you want (perhaps just 1 shade). When using a dye, the lightening process is permanent and to go back to your original color will require more dyeing. Do not chemically dye your hair more than 1 time in a 4-6 week period.

Hair Salon

Of course going to your local hair salon is the option if you want instant results but it is going to cost more. You will also get a great amount of information about changing hair color from these people and they may even doing it way be an unwise choice. Contact Agim Salon HERE and they will be happy to help you with this.


Add a little lemon juice, squeezed from the lemon or from a bottle, to the conditioner you use. By adding more, the more the lightening effect will be and may be a case of trial and error perhaps. The conditioner protects the hair so you need not worry about that. The lemon juice approach may take several attempts if you have dark hair and probably will not work on black hair.

Agim Salon are always happy to help you with anything in relation to hair and beauty. Feel free to contact us and simply ask your question(s)

Short and sweet

A change of hairstyle can be so appealing for many women for so many reasons and having a short hairstyle is a very popular choice if you looking for a substantial makeover. However, short hair is not all a “bed of roses” and there are some drawbacks or cons (if you prefer). Agim Salon, this week, are going to suggest to you the benefits and drawbacks of taking such a dramatic course of action.

The benefits are (and in no particular order)

  1. An obvious starter is that styling short hair can be so much quicker and easier. A quick brush through may well be enough to start your day.
  2. If you have worn long hair for many years, short hair will provide you with a considerable boost and make no mistake – people you know ARE going to notice! Remember how many times you trimmed your long hair only for your partner to not notice?
  3. Short hair is more suitable for the summer months and holidays to hot climates and of course should you fancy a “dip” at the seaside on your holiday it takes considerably less time to dry and manage your hair after it has been dipped in the salty water.
  4. Short hair offers the opportunity to “make a statement” with a single hair color. Ideal if you like bold colors such as red or black.
  5. Short hair appears to grab the attention more than long hair. Despite the belief that men prefer longer hair, women with short hair can be equally appealing.
  6. Short hair as mentioned above is easier to manage – it is also cheaper to maintain as you use less shampoo and/or conditioner and does not blow around in the wind, covering your eyes at a vital moment in time. Additionally less styling is required which in turn means less damage to your hair.

So, enough good points to make the change worthwhile but what of the not-so-good points?

  1. It may not be quite so easy to project the feminine look, depending on your facial features although some make up can turn this disadvantage around.
  2. Obviously with short hair you will lose the versatility that long hair offers.
  3. Once the transformation is complete, you might not even like the “new look” you have created and it is going to take some time to get your long hair back or even have it sufficiently long enough to create another style.
  4. You are going to feel colder in the winter.
  5. If you like your short hair and want to keep that look, you will probably need to trim the hair more frequently, perhaps every 4-6 weeks.
  6. Just because you now have short hair does not necessarily mean you will not need to style it so often, sometimes it needs to be daily to create even a reasonable appearance. It is even possible that you may need to perform a daily ritual of washing it to remove the products you previously used to style your hair.

Agim Salon has highlighted just a few “pros” and “cons” to making the switch to short hair and ultimately the decision to change or not rests with you.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact Agim Salon by clicking HERE