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The Salon Advantage: Why Every Bride Should Visit Our Indian Wells Salon

It wouldn’t be right if your wedding day was not the most memorable day of your life. Most brides-to-be dream long about their big day. However, as the day gets closer, you’ll realize that pulling off that dream wedding is not as easy as it may seem. In order to pull off a perfect wedding, you’ll not only need to plan well in advance, but also be on top of your game on the big day. One way to make sure your wedding ceremony and reception go as planned is to let go of certain responsibilities, and delegating key tasks to your wedding planner and Indian Wells salon.

In most cultures, the bride is the center of attention at the wedding. It is imperative that she looks her best, since the camera will follow her around, and the photographs it captures will be cherished for a lifetime. The right kind of makeup can transform any bride from beautiful to gorgeous, but since most women don’t wear significant amounts of makeup on a daily basis, they don’t know how best to apply it.

A professional Indian Wells salon knows just how to make each bride look stunning on their wedding day. Applying the right type and amount of makeup requires a great deal of skill. As a matter of fact, if makeup is not applied carefully, it can make a bride look worse than she was without it. Many women prefer to do their makeup at home, but they don’t have the same level of expertise the professionals at their local Indian Wells salon do, but this often becomes counterproductive.

Even if you happen to be a qualified makeup artist, you are still better off visiting an Indian Wells salon on the day of your wedding. With so much going on, your visit might be the only moment all day you will get to breathe and relax. You can set aside all your worries for an hour or so and just let someone else spoil you and make you look fantastic.


Paint your own toe nails

To paint your own toe nails with a uniform color, or at a push a fairly simple pattern is not normally too difficult assuming you have got your preparation right. So following from last time, your toe nails should be clean and ready for painting.

Steps to paint your own toe nails

To paint your own toe nails with a colored paint as opposed to using a clear varnish takes a little more patience and care as an uneven later may look obvious to the casual observer. So to get an even layer just take your time and apply with slow and even brush strokes and leave alone for at least 10 minutes to dry once you have applied the varnish.

The second Layer

If you have applied a light color, a second layer should see the job complete once a top coat has been added (3 layers in total). The second layer is often more difficult than the first and mistakes do happen. If you manage to smudge a nail, get a q-tip (hopefully you included one in your preparation) and use nail polish remover to erase the mishap. It is possible you may remove more than intended and expose a part of the nail; this is not a problem as you just paint over. When the second layer is complete, wait for at least 20 minutes for it to dry. If you use a darker color it is possible that a single coat may be enough, see how you feel once it is applied.

Apply a top coat. Top coat.

Applying a top coat will hep to prevent chipping and preserves the pedicure.

If you find it hard to paint your own toe nails then find a willing volunteer to do this for you, ideally someone you can have a long chat with.

A brief history of hairdressing

The history of hairdressing goes back for 1000’s of year and it actually quite difficult to pin point an exact time when the art first came in to being although the term “hairdresser” and “profession” was not used until the 17th century when the words were born in Europe. The term “profession” may not be the correct term for the early years as it is not clear if it was actually a service that was paid for and may have been more of a community act or ritual of sorts. It is worth noting at this point that personal hygiene was not at the levels of today and hair grooming was largely to be found among the wealthy and people of “high-standing” in their society. In the 1600’s, hairstyles of these rich people were often somewhat elaborate, comprising a lot of hair that was styled by chambermaids, a job that frequently took many hours. France appears to be where hairdressing began as a true business with some 1200 hairdressing business in existence in Paris by 1777.

In these early days it was common for dedicated men and women salon’s, as is the case today in some places. The traditional men’s hairdresser (or barber) was little more than an establishment where the hair was trimmed and perhaps a place to get a really close shave, whereas even in these early years the women loved to style their hair.

The 20th century started to see a change in the way these establishments were viewed by both the owners and it’s patrons as the “beauty” element soon crept in to existence, resulting in what we currently see in a lot of modern day unisex beauty salons where hair styling is complimented by other beauty services such as nail and skin care etc.

Hairdressing is still one of the fastest expanding occupations in the United States.

It’s a mans world, but not as you know it

At Agim Salon, since starting our blog, we have focused on beauty aspects predominantly aimed at females but today we are going to change that because men need to take care of themselves too!

We are going to cover male grooming this week (in very general terms) and will expand in the weeks and months to come to cover all the important issues.

The days when all it took, for a night out, was a quick shave, shower and spray of your best smelling deodorant have truly been consigned to the past, sorry guys but it’s a fact and if you are still “old school” you may want to re-think about your pre-night out routine. Male grooming, over time has evolved and is considered to be on a par with the female grooming rituals as far more pride in appearance has become “fashionable” to the point of absolutely necessary.

To some men (perhaps some of the older generation) what is mentioned in the next sentence could well get a negative reaction as it may be seen as unmanly but hey! Its 2012 get with the program guys. There are male lipsticks and eye shadows available and even manicured nails are growing in popularity. There is now a belief along the lines of looking good to feel good and if the look is not right, confidence takes a hit, it seems men can no longer live without both.

To “real” men (to coin a phrase) this appears to be a step too far and women should like their man to be rugged, just like the good old days. To some guys, no doubt, that remains an appealing prospect but in most cases it simply is not going to happen. The women folk expect/demand more of the modern man (for those who were not previously aware) so if you are single and on “the prowl” you will need to make far more of an effort than in days gone by.

At Agim Salon we are going to explain how to get you up to speed, explain a few tricks to help you make the transition effortlessly and painlessly so return to our blog and catch up with what suggestions we have for you.

Our lips are sealed

Out of either habit or instinct, when we hold a conversation our eyes tend to look at the other persons lips although most of time we do not consciously do this. Next time you talk to someone (which should be sometime soon) try to think about this and see for yourself.

So, this week Agim Salon is going to suggest some tricks and tips to overcome “problem” lips.

Lips, like any other part of the body are prone to wear and tear, aging etc. and over time you need to sometimes need to make a slightly different approach in to applying your chosen lip “covering”.

Scaly or flaky Lips

Here is a straight forward DIY trick to remove scales of flakes with very little effort; all you need is a toothbrush and a little Vaseline.

  1. Generously apply some Vaseline to your lips.
  2. Using the toothbrush and moving it in small circles, massage the lips.
  3. Remove the excess Vaseline

By repeating this 1 or 2 times a day you will eventually remove the scales or flakes.

Lipstick that stains your teeth

This is a common problem that can be solved easily.

  1. Apply your lipstick as you normally would.
  2. Place one finger in your mouth.
  3. Close your mouth ensuring both lips clamp your finger.
  4. Remove your finger.

This simple procedure should remove excess lipstick and prevent it from going on to your teeth.

Want “fuller” lips?

There is no “simple” answer but there is something you can try out before thinking about more drastic action.

  1. Apply some lip-gloss, in some cases this is enough. If not, try the next tip.
  2. Use darker lip-gloss, perhaps 3 or 4 shades darker than normal. A red shade can help to make lips more full.
  3. For a long-lasting look, try using a lip cream containing peptides or other boosters. Some may work and others perhaps will not. This is by no means a “definite” solution.
  4. As a last resort, to achieve a permanent look you will probably need to visit a plastic surgeon for consultation. Only you can decide if the benefits (and possible pit-falls) will justify the cost as this is likely to be repeated every 6 months.

Agim Salon will be adding further tips for lips in the coming weeks so please return to get an update.

For more help about lips or any other beauty tips or products you can contact Agim Salon HERE