Last week, Agim Salon may have given some men a bit of a jolt, so this week we are going to try and make some reassuring noises for men when it comes to “upping your game” to meet the demands of the modern day woman.

We have put together a few tips that are not at all drastic and do not even mean buying any make up or anything else particularly special (unless you want to) but take the steps below that you do not currently take and you will see the difference. More importantly, other people will see the difference!

Remove hair from the neck and ears. – Hair that sticks out of a shirt collar, or worse the ears, is a bit of a turn off. If you have a hair trimmer at home, so much the better as you can do this very frequently and keep on top of it, failing that an occasional trip to your hairdresser is in order.

Remove nasal hair – As you get older, the hair that seems to disappear from one area suddenly starts to appear somewhere else! That somewhere else is more often than not in your nose. There are hair electronic clippers available for this very job, alternatively you could use a pair of long pointed scissors but make sure they are sharp.

Sort out those eyebrows – Eyebrow hair seems to grow quicker than most others and in no time you can have quite an impressive bush above each eye, however many ladies are not quite as impressed. A simple trim with a good pair of scissors and a comb should be enough to make a huge difference.

That was not so bad, was it? Return again over the next few weeks when we at Agim Salon will return to this topic and highlight a few more tips to help improve your appearance.