Agim Salon would like to cover the issues surrounding dry skin, a condition frequently experienced by many people that are normally brought on by external influences. As you are aware the skin consists of many layers and obviously it is the outer layer that takes the brunt of a changing climate unless you remain fully covered from head to toe. Both the winter and summer months have their dangers, in the winter the levels of humidity are much lower so the skin tends to dry and in the summer your skin is exposed to potential burning but there are other causes and similarly steps you can take to recover the skins condition.

During the winter, even inside your home, your skin is exposed to the risk of drying as the heating will reduce the humidity level in both the home and you’re your body. Naked gas flames are the worst culprit for this and it is normally far more noticeable of the dryness of the air when you breathe it in. The simplest solution is to increase the humidity by installing a humidifier and setting it to about 50-55% with a temperature between 70-75F.

Of course you are unlikely to stay in the homes throughout the winter months so when you do go out you need to remember to protect your skin from the outdoor elements. In effect you need to create a barrier for the more sensitive body parts such as hands, face and lips, again there is a simple solution by wearing gloves and a scarf.

Next week Agim Salon will proceed with a range of alternative methods of replenishing the moisture in your skin to keep it feeling and looking healthy. Most of the steps you probably already take but not make the connection between what you are doing and how it can help.