For individuals with fast-paced lives, visiting a salon on a daily basis is not an option. While it is impossible to compare the work of a professional to something you can do at home, there is no reason you cannot look great without having to make a trip to the salon. The answer to making your hair look great in no time is simple – all you have to do is blow dry your hair.


Tension Method

If you generally use your finger to detangle your hair as opposed to a comb, the tension method might be the most effective way for you to blow dry your hair. Once your hair is fully detangled, you have to take small handfuls of hair and blow dry each group separately.


Comb Attachment Method

If you want your hair to look extremely straight, the comb attachment method is the best way for you to blow dry your hair. Run a comb attachment for your hair dryer through your hair while blow drying it. This will make your hair flow straight and look great. This technique should only be used by people who comb their hair regularly.


Round Brush Method

Although the round brush method is not the easiest way to blow dry your hair, if you manage to master this art, you will be able to increase the volume of your hair considerably. In this method, you lift small groups of hair using a round brush and blow dry it from below.

Keep in mind that you should not blow dry your hair when it is dripping wet. Dry it out as much as possible using a towel so that it is just slightly moist when you begin to style it in your preferred way. While you might be able to blow dry your hair at home frequently, it is advisable to visit a professional hair blow dryer at a salon every few weeks.