Are you sick of conventional beauty tips? Do you not want to spend excessive sums of money trying to to beautify your toenails? Well, you’re in luck! Despite contrary belief, it is possible to boast beautiful toenails without having to consult generic beauty tips that almost always put burden on your wallets. How is it possible, you must be wondering. The answer is quite simple: just clean your toenails! The following step-by-step guide will help beautify your toenails in no time!

Step 1: The first step to clean your toenails is to  wash your feet with soap regularly and thoroughly. Feet are in direct contact with excessive amounts of dust and dirt, and so it is no surprise that your toenails can get messy if due care is not given. Wash each nail separately in lukewarm water for an effective cleansing. If you want to take that extra step, you can fill a tip with water and add some dead sea salt or essential oils.

Step 2: You may have read in many beauty tips that painted toenails can enhance your beauty. We do not deny that, but if you leave your toenails painted for too long, you’ll simply attract dirt to them. Remember to remove nail polish frequently before you clean your toenails.

Step 3: Exfoliate your feet at least once every ten days when you clean your toenails. Most people don’t quite understand the importance of exfoliating their feet. A foot scrub can do wonders in helping your newer, fresher and cleaner skin reach the surface of your foot, and giving your foot a beautiful glow to it.

Step 4: Cut your toenails. You might have spent months growing them so that they look amazing when painted, but if they were not cut straight, ingrown toenails could result. Also, long nails are virtually impossible to keep clean, so keep them moderately long or on the shorter side.

Conventional beauty tips also help improve the appearance of your toenails, but they are not near as effective without a set of clean nails. Of course, there is no substitute for getting a professional manicure done from a reputable salon.