Knowing how to manicure your nails at home is a useful skill since it is not always possible to go to an Indian Wells salon for a professional manicure. Although you may not be able to replicate the job that a professional Indian Wells salon would offer, with this guide, you might be able to do a fairly good job to last you until you can make an appointment at your favorite Indian Wells salon.

The first step to manicure your nails at home is to get all the necessary supplies in one place. You should make sure you have a bottle of nail-polish remover, cotton swabs, Cuticle pushers, nippers and removers are also needed. Nail and hand moisturizers are important if you want a complete manicure experience, as is nail polish. If you feel your nails are out of shape, keep a nail filer handy as well.

Once you get these supplies together, you should first remove any nail polish you have previously applied. Acetone-based nail polish removers are particularly effective in quickly removing nail polish. Once the nail polish is out, you have to shape your nails. First clip your nails if you feel they are too long. Once they have dried out completely, file them into a slightly rounded nail shape.

As soon as your nails are the right shape and size, you should soak them in a bowl of warm water. Some people opt to put face cleansers into the bowl of warm water since this can help clean out the nail and make it easier to trip the cuticle. Soak for no more than three minutes since extensive soaking can damage your nails.

Gently applying cuticle remover on the thickened skin around your nail can help clean out your nails easily. If you have a cuticle pushing tool, use it to push the cuticle back very carefully so that you can expose more of your nail to the manicure.

Once you have trimmed the cuticle, go ahead and apply moisturizer on your hands and nails. Once your nails are dry, you can apply a new nail polish and have your hands looking beautiful even without having to visit an Indian Wells salon.