Agim Salon is going to touch on dying your hair red this week, not an easy option for most people and incredibly difficult for most and once achieved it is so difficult keep the look. The initial stages are more than likely to be a case of trial and error, and by this we mean finding the right dye for your hair. We cannot give a single recommendation to suit all hair types or people so it is up to you to find the right one – sorry.

There are many semi-permanent dyes available, ManicPanic, Special Effects, Punky Colors, N-Rage etc. and not all of them are likely to be to your liking, it is just the nature of transforming to red hair. The best advice at this point is to try them out one at a time until you find something that pleases you.

Once you have managed to get your hair looking the way you want, or at least something you are happy with, you need to think about how to maintain the look, which is also not very easy. First and foremost is to use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for color maintenance (get the best you can afford or can easily get). There is an option to use dry shampoos for the days you choose to wash your hair. When washing your hair, which should not be more than perhaps three times in any week, make sure you wash it with cold to lukewarm water, as hot water will destroy everything you have achieved so far. Direct heat will also diminish the appearance so the use of straighteners and other styling tools should be used very sparingly if possible. Use a heat protector if you want to frequently style your hair using a heat source, although you probably will still see some fading taking place.

You may ultimately give up but if you are determined to have red hair, take note of the points above that have been highlighted.

Happy New Year to you all from Agim Salon.