Some weeks ago Agim Salon told you why having short hair is so great but we are not naive enough to believe that everyone wants that look so we shall this week address the balance and show what some of the benefits are to having long hair.

  1. Long hair attracts men. Okay, a little bit of a generalization to start with perhaps and it may be fairer to say that many men find it attractive, sexy and more feminine. These same men probably see women with short hair a little close for comfort as being more ‘manly’ or ‘boyish’.
  2. Long hair allows you to experiment with a vast number of styles and the flexibility it offers to do this cannot be beaten. Wear it up, braid it, have a long ponytail, perm or curl it or simply keep it lose you are spoiled for choice and can have a different look every day if you wanted.
  3. Long hair does not need to be washed every day. As opposed to short hair, natural oils take more time to build up so you can get away with washing it every 2 or 3 days and that should be enough.
  4. Frequent trimming is not required, perhaps as little as every 3 or 4 months unless you suffer with a ridiculous number of split ends.
  5. Long hair can actually make you appear younger. Styled with a fringe or bangs give a younger appearance. Now, how many women would like that?
  6. Your neck does not feel cold in the winter or on cool days with a breeze. A bit like wearing a polo neck jumper your clothing options are not hampered.
  7. With a decent haircut, you can hide flaws and blemishes etc. you may have on your face can be covered while exposing your positive features. It can also provide your face with a thinner appearance

There you have it! 7 good reason to want long hair and if you currently have long hair and are thinking about shortening it, have another think before cutting it too short as it may cause regret and take some time to get it back to its former glory.

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