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How to Clean your Toenails Effectively

Are you sick of conventional beauty tips? Do you not want to spend excessive sums of money trying to to beautify your toenails? Well, you’re in luck! Despite contrary belief, it is possible to boast beautiful toenails without having to consult generic beauty tips that almost always put burden on your wallets. How is it possible, you must be wondering. The answer is quite simple: just clean your toenails! The following step-by-step guide will help beautify your toenails in no time!

Step 1: The first step to clean your toenails is to  wash your feet with soap regularly and thoroughly. Feet are in direct contact with excessive amounts of dust and dirt, and so it is no surprise that your toenails can get messy if due care is not given. Wash each nail separately in lukewarm water for an effective cleansing. If you want to take that extra step, you can fill a tip with water and add some dead sea salt or essential oils.

Step 2: You may have read in many beauty tips that painted toenails can enhance your beauty. We do not deny that, but if you leave your toenails painted for too long, you’ll simply attract dirt to them. Remember to remove nail polish frequently before you clean your toenails.

Step 3: Exfoliate your feet at least once every ten days when you clean your toenails. Most people don’t quite understand the importance of exfoliating their feet. A foot scrub can do wonders in helping your newer, fresher and cleaner skin reach the surface of your foot, and giving your foot a beautiful glow to it.

Step 4: Cut your toenails. You might have spent months growing them so that they look amazing when painted, but if they were not cut straight, ingrown toenails could result. Also, long nails are virtually impossible to keep clean, so keep them moderately long or on the shorter side.

Conventional beauty tips also help improve the appearance of your toenails, but they are not near as effective without a set of clean nails. Of course, there is no substitute for getting a professional manicure done from a reputable salon.


Things to consider before picking a perfect hairstyle

Picking a perfect hairstyle is not near as easy as it may sound. It is a decision women have to live with for as long as it takes to grow out, so it is important to put in the time and figure out what will look best for you. As imaginative as human beings can be, it can be challenging

Here are some things you should consider before heading out to your hairstylist.

The quality of your hair

Some people have hair that is made for a bob cut. People with thicker hair may struggle to keep such a cut in place, and would be best off left long and flowy. You should consult an expert to gauge the thickness of your hair and suggest appropriate hairstyles.

The shape of your face

Before you go about picking a perfect hairstyle for yourself, it is important to take into account the shape of your face. You may not have realized this, but the same hairstyle can look completely different on people with contrasting faces. Oval-shaped faces look good with almost every hairstyle, but round-shaped faces look best with slimming haircuts.

The kind of life you live

This is perhaps the most important factor that you need to consider before picking a perfect hairstyle. Do you have time to style your hair on a daily basis? Do you need to look presentable all day? What is your daily routine like? These are all questions that you need to reflect on before you commit to a particular hairstyle.

Your ability to style your hair

Some haircuts require you to style your hair every time you wake up. This is not just a major time commitment. It often requires a certain level of proficiency when it comes to styling hair. If you think you have what it takes to consistently make your hair look great, go for a more demanding haircut. Otherwise, stick to something simple that always stays in one place.

You should also try to consult an expert hairstylist before you go about picking a perfect hairstyle. Experienced hairdressers can foresee what cuts will look good on any particular individual and it can never hurt asking for their opinion.

Paint your own toe nails

To paint your own toe nails with a uniform color, or at a push a fairly simple pattern is not normally too difficult assuming you have got your preparation right. So following from last time, your toe nails should be clean and ready for painting.

Steps to paint your own toe nails

To paint your own toe nails with a colored paint as opposed to using a clear varnish takes a little more patience and care as an uneven later may look obvious to the casual observer. So to get an even layer just take your time and apply with slow and even brush strokes and leave alone for at least 10 minutes to dry once you have applied the varnish.

The second Layer

If you have applied a light color, a second layer should see the job complete once a top coat has been added (3 layers in total). The second layer is often more difficult than the first and mistakes do happen. If you manage to smudge a nail, get a q-tip (hopefully you included one in your preparation) and use nail polish remover to erase the mishap. It is possible you may remove more than intended and expose a part of the nail; this is not a problem as you just paint over. When the second layer is complete, wait for at least 20 minutes for it to dry. If you use a darker color it is possible that a single coat may be enough, see how you feel once it is applied.

Apply a top coat. Top coat.

Applying a top coat will hep to prevent chipping and preserves the pedicure.

If you find it hard to paint your own toe nails then find a willing volunteer to do this for you, ideally someone you can have a long chat with.

Toe nail preparation – The basics you need to know

As touched on two weeks ago, the art of toe nail painting beyond a uniform color requires the need for a second person, the one with the responsibility of doing the artwork while the other sits back and takes it easy with a coffee in their hand. So how do you go about painting toe nails? This week we will cover the initial stages with toe nail preparation as it is quite an involved process and you must get the basics right from the off.

Toe nail preparation

The first steps are normally the most important and that means being fully prepared for the job in hand with everything you need close to hand. Gather all your tools, varnish and cotton batting and get in a comfortable position, your posture is every bit as important as the work you are about to do.

Step 1 – Clean the toe nails

You can only work on clean and groomed toe nails to get decent results so this means stripping away any traces of existing varnish or polish, buffing the tops of the nails, clipping and filing the nails in to shape, trimming cuticles etc. In short, a full overhaul of the toe nails to leave them immaculate, including the removal of the polish remover you have just applied.

Step 2 – Prepare to paint the toe nails

Before you can apply anything else you need to ensure the toes are separated and for this many people opt for cotton batting as it is cheap and simple to use, it also does not cause any discomfort to the toes.

Step 3 – The first layer

A base coat should be applied and allowed to fully dry before any of the actual artwork is embarked upon and patience is a virtue here (for both parties), make sure he base coat you use needs is rich in Calcium.

Next time we will move away from toe nail preparation on to the creative aspect to painting toe nails, until then……

Why do women paint toe nails?

Agim Salon has a look in to the world of toe nail painting and why do women paint toe nails? The answer is actually quite straight-forward and has very little to with looking attractive to anyone other than themselves.

It appears to be a case of women paint their toe nails either because they can or just simply want to and very few make the declaration that it is meant to be for men to admire or find attractive, indeed it is quite the opposite – most really are not bothered about what men think, they like what they are doing and are happy with the look.

It is not our place to judge the rationale behind it as ultimately an individual’s happiness far outweighs most other aspects of life. However, from an attraction point of view, even if you only have a minuscule appreciation for art, it is not difficult to understand why women do paint toe nails, and we are talking about those that have specially designed toe nail artwork done. If done well they can look absolutely fantastic and with the range of colors available and a limitless imagination some truly incredible pieces of art can be created.

When you consider just how small the average toe nail is, more so for most women, creating these pieces of art is actually quite a feat and in the next blog we are going to have a look at what is involved in toe nail painting.

If you are planning to color your toe nails in a single color then it is easy enough to do for yourself but anything beyond that is almost certainly going to require another person (unless your body is highly flexible perhaps), ideally one that is competent to paint toe nails.