To paint your own toe nails with a uniform color, or at a push a fairly simple pattern is not normally too difficult assuming you have got your preparation right. So following from last time, your toe nails should be clean and ready for painting.

Steps to paint your own toe nails

To paint your own toe nails with a colored paint as opposed to using a clear varnish takes a little more patience and care as an uneven later may look obvious to the casual observer. So to get an even layer just take your time and apply with slow and even brush strokes and leave alone for at least 10 minutes to dry once you have applied the varnish.

The second Layer

If you have applied a light color, a second layer should see the job complete once a top coat has been added (3 layers in total). The second layer is often more difficult than the first and mistakes do happen. If you manage to smudge a nail, get a q-tip (hopefully you included one in your preparation) and use nail polish remover to erase the mishap. It is possible you may remove more than intended and expose a part of the nail; this is not a problem as you just paint over. When the second layer is complete, wait for at least 20 minutes for it to dry. If you use a darker color it is possible that a single coat may be enough, see how you feel once it is applied.

Apply a top coat. Top coat.

Applying a top coat will hep to prevent chipping and preserves the pedicure.

If you find it hard to paint your own toe nails then find a willing volunteer to do this for you, ideally someone you can have a long chat with.