Soft skin is such a wonderful thing, not only to look at but to touch and most people can keep their skin at least a little softer if they know how, so Agim Salon are going to tell you how you can have and keep skin that is softer. One of the essential factors to soft skin is hydration of the body so here are some very simple steps to follow.

  • Drink water regularly. Water does not just quench your thirst, it is vital for the body’s well-being. 80% of your body is water and if this level significantly drops the body suffers and becomes very noticeable on the skin.
  • Wash your skin with non-drying cleansers, ideally with added moisturizers and avoid soaps that are harsh to the skin.
  • Moisturize your whole body, not just your hands and face, immediately after a shower. You do not need to use expensive moisturizers although they do tend to last a little longer.
  • Eat foods that are fibrous, such as fruit and vegetables. With the vitamin intake from these you are not only helping your skin but your whole body.
  • Apply cleansers and moisturizers gently, rubbing it in gradually.

Dry and flaky skin obviously means you do not have soft skin so here is how to be free of this type of skin.

  • The best time to attempt to repair your skin is at night, so remove your make up (if you are wearing any).
  • Use a good non-foaming cleanser, oil or cream cleansers are recommended.
  • This step is perhaps the most important; exfoliate the skin so make sure you have a good quality exfoliating product to hand.
  • Now apply a moisturizer. You could use Olive Oil which can be very effective in the skin softening process.

It really is that simple but Agim Salon are not suggesting everyone will make their skin softer or less dry as it may depend on a range of other factors but in general terms if you repeat the above steps to either remove dry skin or make your skin softer you should notice a difference quite quickly.

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