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Hair Massaging

Welcome back to Agim Salon and hopefully you have tried out our brushing method, now we are going to move on to massaging the scalp, another very important part of hair maintenance.

Ideally you want to try performing three scalp massages a day if possible and make sure you use a totally natural massager, not an artificial or plastic version as these are likely to scratch your scalp and are not especially scalp and hair friendly.

Starting from the necks nape (you must start here), massage in a circular movement, vigorously but gently for about 4 to 5 minutes or if you feel a tingling sensation from the scalp you can stop at this point as the blood will be flowing nicely. When you wash your hair you can use this method for about one minute following the first application of shampoo and for three minutes on the second application. The point of massaging this way is to stimulate the scalp and activating the sebaceous glands and what should happen is a balanced flow of sebum will be released.

The final topic to cover is the types of brush that you should use. A brush with a natural bristle is what to look for; the bristles of the Boar are perfect as the likeness to human hair is quite uncanny, are unobtrusive and gentle and capable of distributing the natural oils and absorbing the excess while cleaning away foreign matter. The choice of brush is dependent on your scalp and hair thickness and this can be a case of trial and error, the aim is to find a brush that has a soothing and enlivening effect on the scalp. If your scalp is sensitive then a softer brush will be the better option.

Agim Salon will be back next week so please return to view what we have in store for you next.

Getting the balance right

As promised, Agim Salon now moves on to artificial hair treatments and the effects they can have on your hair. Hair spray, gels, chemical based shampoo, mousses and conditioners can all have a negative impact as they will clog up the follicles and pores as well but they do not simply create a problem in these areas, they also have a disrupting effect with the nourishment levels that the roots needed. The sebaceous glands get ‘confused’ and as these are supposed to regulate the reproduction of hair; this clearly is not a good thing. The glands can stop producing new growth and what has already grown is going to fall out over time. Additionally, such chemicals can also find their way in to the bloodstream, although they are not a significant health risk when introduced in the grooming of your hair and scalp.

Frequent brushing will act as a preventative measure against such problems if combined with a massage using organic shampoos as this natural treatment will help realign the balance of the sebaceous glands. The massaging will clean and stimulate the scalp, capillaries and glands and the nourishment levels to the follicles will increase and as a result promote new and healthy hair growth.

Additionally, with frequent brushing, if done correctly, you can think of it as a natural dry shampoo and conditioner treatment. The sebaceous glands will be stimulated, the sebum distribution is improved and in turn your hair becomes stronger, more manageable and more resilient and if you add a coat of sebum to your hair brushing will help to prevent excessive moisture evaporation and in turn give your hair improved body, texture and a natural sheen.

Next week Agim Salon will go on to discuss massaging and brushing techniques to the best effect.

Getting to the root of hair loss

Happy New Year to you all from Agim Salon

This week we are going to embark on a short series regarding the importance of brushing hair, what brush to use, the way to brush properly and massage the scalp.

The first stage then is to explain why brushing hair is so important. Did you realize for example that daily brushing is a better method of cleansing your hair than using artificial ingredient based shampoo?

Brushing properly is an extremely important element of hair maintenance and it will rejuvenate your hair, more so when you combine this with scalp massaging.

What does brushing do?

It removes waste materials that are encrusted on your scalp, such as catarrh, uric acid deposits and other impurities. It will also stimulate the capillaries, increase the circulation of blood and in turn provides the hair with more nutrients and oxygen. There is one further benefit and is more important than those already mentioned – It stimulates oil and hormone producing glands that keep the pores open and allows them to breathe and retain natural oils.

Hair loss

The loss of hair is almost always traced back to sebaceous glands where natural oils and a lubricating system are secreted. If these glands become unbalanced they can produce too much or too little sebum, fatty oils that are delivering the nutrients.

Over-production will cause the follicles to drown and this will interfere with nourishment levels to the roots. The scalp then becomes weak and hair loss will begin. Under-production makes the roots undernourished; the hair then becomes brittle as it dries out, and eventually falls out.

If you are frequently introducing various chemicals to your hair in the form of gels, conditioners, shampoos etc. then these too can cause the pores to be clogged up.

Next week Agim Salon will highlight what the effects of these chemical based products can be.

Your Natural Beauty

The winter is upon us and with Christmas less than a week away Agim Salon expect that most minds are turning towards the big day next week, all the same our service is as normal and this particular blog is going seasonal too, just to keep in line with the rest of the USA.

This week we are reviewing some natural oils and the part they can play in helping you soften, maintain healthy and great looking skin. Look good on the outside will make you feel good on the inside.


Jojoba oil is one of the really well-known oils with the benefit of having a long lasting shelf life and is oil that will add moisture quickly. A little goes a long way so no need to use too much to achieve results; a good absorbent and moisturizer and a real treat when introduced to a bath.


Avocado oil is used in many anti-aging products and boasts so many benefits. It contains Vitamins A, D & E, is thick but does not feel too oily and is superb for diminishing all those fine lines on the skin. Add some to what you use as a facial scrub and your skin will become silky smooth.

Extra Virgin Olive

Okay, the smell can be off-putting but if you stay at home after applying you can keep it a secret. It is a fantastic moisturizer best applied following a bath or shower. It can also play a significant part of reducing rough skin like you can find on your elbows.


Kukui oil is a little more exotic and one that has been used in the Hawaiian Islands for many years. It contains Vitamins A, C & E and is provides excellent moisturizer and provides protection from sun, wind and salt water. It is often used in products to relieve skin conditions such as eczema, acne or chapped skin among others.

These are among the most popular natural oils so make a New Year’s resolution to try them out in 2013.

Agim Salon would like to wish all our customers and readers





Soft Skin

Soft skin is such a wonderful thing, not only to look at but to touch and most people can keep their skin at least a little softer if they know how, so Agim Salon are going to tell you how you can have and keep skin that is softer. One of the essential factors to soft skin is hydration of the body so here are some very simple steps to follow.

  • Drink water regularly. Water does not just quench your thirst, it is vital for the body’s well-being. 80% of your body is water and if this level significantly drops the body suffers and becomes very noticeable on the skin.
  • Wash your skin with non-drying cleansers, ideally with added moisturizers and avoid soaps that are harsh to the skin.
  • Moisturize your whole body, not just your hands and face, immediately after a shower. You do not need to use expensive moisturizers although they do tend to last a little longer.
  • Eat foods that are fibrous, such as fruit and vegetables. With the vitamin intake from these you are not only helping your skin but your whole body.
  • Apply cleansers and moisturizers gently, rubbing it in gradually.

Dry and flaky skin obviously means you do not have soft skin so here is how to be free of this type of skin.

  • The best time to attempt to repair your skin is at night, so remove your make up (if you are wearing any).
  • Use a good non-foaming cleanser, oil or cream cleansers are recommended.
  • This step is perhaps the most important; exfoliate the skin so make sure you have a good quality exfoliating product to hand.
  • Now apply a moisturizer. You could use Olive Oil which can be very effective in the skin softening process.

It really is that simple but Agim Salon are not suggesting everyone will make their skin softer or less dry as it may depend on a range of other factors but in general terms if you repeat the above steps to either remove dry skin or make your skin softer you should notice a difference quite quickly.

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