Last week Agim Salon touched on the subject of nail art which of course can require the use of nail varnish. It is then perhaps prudent that we now tell you how to remove it without the use of a branded nail varnish remover!

First of all let’s state what nail varnish remover is. Basically it is an Acetone based fluid that will remove nail varnish or polish effortlessly. There are some removers that are based on Ethyl Acetate that do the same job. These products are readily available and highly popular for their convenience but if you have a little time to spare and an already stretched budget you have the option use other products that may already be in your home.

One particular product has a wide variety of uses in the home, such as making an excellent window cleaner, and that product in vinegar. A natural and acidic substance that is capable of breaking down the nail varnish, making it possible to simply wipe it off. All you need to do is add a little vinegar to a small bowl, add some orange, lime or lemon (all citric fruits) and mix together. Dip a cotton ball or cotton bud (the sort you use to remove wax from your ears) and wipe it on to your nails. It is not likely to be an instant removal as it takes a little time to break down the varnish and you may need to add a little more of the mixture to completely remove all traces. If after a few attempts a little stubborn varnish remains then a gentle scrape the nail which should remove the last little bits of varnish.

It really is that simple and arguable no harder than using a shop bought product.

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