At Agim Salon, we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Whether you are looking at changing your hair color in the store, or at home, we are interested in your satisfaction. Many other salons around are focused around their bottom line, i.e. money. At Agim Salon we do things differently to earn your patronism. In this article we are going to briefly touch on hair coloring, from light to dark.

The physical aspect of changing the color of your hair is not generally a problem; however Agim Salon would like to highlight some points that need careful consideration. Will the new color suit you? Will a new hair color compliment your skin tone? Or will you need to make additional changes with regards to the make-up and color of the clothes you currently wear?

Transformation of hair color is common place and with the modern day advancements in hair colorants and while the ability to undertake this change, some people remain cautious about such a transformation. Agim Salon will address some of the points you need to know if you are planning on “making the change” from light hair to dark hair.

Although changing from a light color to a dark color is far easier than changing from dark to light, Agim Salon suggests when making a drastic change such as this, it is best to not stray too much by keeping closer to the natural color of your hair, perhaps within a couple of tones, especially if you choose to make the transformation at home.

If you experience something of a dilemma when choosing which shade you would like, Agim Salon suggests it is best to “play safe” and be a little cautious. If you manage to reduce your selection to 2 or 3 shades then it is perhaps wise to choose the lightest as the color shown on the box might actually be a little darker. At least by adopting a cautious approach you keep the option to use the next darkest shade the next time. It may take several attempts to reach the exact look you are trying to achieve but it is better than the alternative of getting it horribly wrong by “going too dark”

Once you have applied the colorant, and it has dried of course, Agim Salon recommends you use a good quality conditioner to “seal it”, this will help to reduce fading that is common when you change hair color to darker shade. Fading happens quicker in the early stages but as you build up the color with more colorant, the fading will ease off. If your natural hair is very light you will almost certainly need to apply a gold colorant prior to applying your chosen shade. If you do not perform this initial small requirement you could find you hair turning in to an ash color that is not likely to be flattering.

If in doubt, ask questions at the store where you make a purchase or inquire at Agim salon here