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Emery Boards for Filing Nails

Have you ever got home having been to a store and bought a nail file that was no good, either too rough or just not capable of filing at all? If so then in all probability you have bought the wrong type for your nails so Agim Salon are going to begin a brief overview of file types and their purpose, starting with emery boards.

Emery boards are extremely common being suitable for natural or artificial nail with the bonus of being inexpensive. However the downside is that they cannot be sterilized or even washed so really should be used once and disposed of. Emery files provide a range of “roughness” that is provided by the boards grit content. The higher the grit level, the smoother the file will be and the range available is certainly wide enough for you to be able to find the right one for you.

Starting at the course range of emery boards you will find the 80 grit. These are considered to be too rough for use on natural nails but you might be able to get away with using this type on artificial nails but Agim Salon would advise some caution when trying out this grit. 100 grit is the level that becomes more suitable for artificial nails but is still too rough for natural nails. If your nails are in good condition then the 180 grit is probably going to be the roughest you can safely use without causing damage but if your nails are already damaged you will need to use a smoother emery board. The 240 grit is of course softer and ideal for buffing nails to achieve a lovely smooth finish and even remove stains on the nails. To polish nails then the 500 grit is an ideal emery board to use.

Next week Agim Salon will continue this theme and look at the other options available for nail filing.

Manicure – as easy as 1-2-3

This week, Agim Salon is going unisex on our topic, the topic of manicures and how to manicure your own nails. It is a straight forward task requiring a few tools and a little bit of time to do the job properly. Manicure sets are readily available and do not need to be the most expensive to get great results.

By using the diagram above you should be able to find your way around your nails with ease.

Now to making your nails look and feel perfect.

  • Wash your hands, and then dry them.
  • Using an emery board nail file (double-sided), gently file the “distal edge” of the nail. Try not to go too close to the corners as you could weaken them this way.
  • While filing, you can shape your nails. The most common is perhaps in an oval but the shape of your hand may be better suited to a “flat” look
  • To see how smooth you have made your nails run them over a pair of nylon tights (or similar). If the nails are smooth, they will not snag the nylon.
  • Now it is time to pay attention to the cuticles by applying a softener to them and allow the softener to soak the cuticles for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.
  • Place your hands in some warm water (preferably in a bowl) and soak the nails for a few more minutes.
  • Now you can push the cuticles from front to back of the nail. This will remove the excess growth and should be painless.
  • Now put some hand lotion on one set of nails and massage it in to the fingers with the palm of the other hand, then simply repeat the process for the other hand.

This procedure is fine if you are not wearing nail varnish, if you are wearing nail varnish then return next week when Agim Salon will show you how to deal with this too.

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