Beauty is not only down to the eye of the beholder but can be down to the eyes of the holder too. When you look at someone you normally tend to notice either their hair or eyes first (if viewed from the front). So, to grab the attention of others and make that special effort to highlight your eyes as it really can make all the difference, and it is also really easy to achieve with a little care.

Agim Salon are going to give you a quick guide on how to achieve improved eye contact.

  1. The first step has to be preparation, without this key element you are unlikely to achieve the end result. Use a concealer to hide any dark patches under the eyes by placing three small blobs just below each eye and pat them gently, starting next to the bridge of the nose and work your way out.
  2. Once the concealer is applied it is time to add some eye base to your eye lids, this will ensure your chosen eye shadow remains in place for many hours. As before, this is an important step because of you do not “prime” your eye lids the eye shadow will probably create a greasy lines.
  3. Darker eye shadows can work very well as eye liners. Using a wet slanted brush, dip it in to the eye shadow and lines the eyes as close as possible to the upper eye lashes, starting from the corner next to the bridge of the nose and working outwards.
  4. Now apply eye liner on the bottom eye lids and as you want to avoid a prominent line you need to smudge the line with either your finger or a Q-tip.
  5. Time to apply some eye shadow. A three tone eye shadow effect can be highly effective, first apply a light eye shadow color of a similar shade to your eye lid and sweep across your upper eye lid only all the way to the bone in the eyebrow. Repeat with a slightly darker color, then finally the third tone which should be darker again then gently blend the colors. Of course if you only want two-tone you can miss out the third “sweep”.
  6. Now to brighten up the eyes with a subtle trick that is commonly used by make-up artists. Using the lightest eye shadow, press a little, with your finger, in to the inner corner of your eyes where the upper and lower eye lids meet.
  7. The penultimate step is to highlight the eyebrow. Using the same light shade of eye shadow, gently bad it with your finger on the eyebrow bone concentrating from the center to the outer part then blend.
  8. Nearly done! you need to curl your eye lashes to finish off your masterpiece. Even long eye lashes can be made to look more beautiful with an “eyelash curler”. You can warm the “curler” a little by using a hair dryer for a few seconds but make sure it is not too hot to use by touching it.
  9. All you need to do now is add some mascara. With the “wand” of the mascara brush, place it at the base of the eye lashes and gently move from side to side in an almost “wiggle” effect. Repeat the process a few more times then move to the lower eye lashes.

Agim Salon will be adding further tips for eye make up in the coming weeks so please return to get an update.

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