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Gonna make you blush

Using a ‘blusher, to enhance your facial features and add a lively looking glow is pretty straight forward providing your approach of the application is right. This week, Agim Salon will give you a quick breakdown on how to apply your blusher.

First thing to do is choose the right type of blusher. Gel or powder blush for oily skin, or cream for dry skin. The idea is to create a glowing effect of your best features, not to look like a clown with bright red cheeks. Having said that, bright red blusher can look amazing with bronze brown colored skin. For some pale skin types, you may be able to use a soft pink blush. Using a tan or brown color for light skin and if your skin is dark, try using a lighter color.

Here is a tip for selecting your ‘ideal’ color, clench your fist for 10 seconds. The color of your skin after those 10 seconds is the color to try and match.

Buy a set of quality blush brushes; avoid the cheap versions unless you want a cheap end result. Also avoid the temptation to use a powder puff or cotton wool; you will not get the best result from these either.

You really should only apply in well-lit conditions, and in natural day light if possible but before you jump in to apply the color, there is the preparation to do first.

Wash you face, apply the concealer, foundation and bronzer that you normally use, only then will you be ready to ‘blush’.

When applying a powder, you need to dip a clean, medium sized brush in to the blusher and gently tap the brush to remove the excess powder. If you are using a gel or cream, just use a small blob to begin with, using your finger. Adding more blusher later is easier than removing any excess.

Next you need to create a “fish face”, just as though you were about to kiss your grandmother, this will help you find your cheek apples. Starting at one of your “apples”, blend the blusher along the cheekbone. If using a gel or cream just dab a little first with a make-up sponge or finger, and then blend. Concentrating and blending well, the color on the “apples” will provide the most “natural” look.

Blend from the cheek, nearest to your nose, towards the ears but avoid brushing diagonally as the natural look will not be achieved. If you have added too much blusher you can try blending the excess from the center of the eye out toward the ear. If there still appears to be an excess of powder blusher you can ‘hide’ it with a translucent powder and with cream, you can blot the excess off with tissue. Excess gel should be washed off and start over, remembering to reduce the amount you apply the next time.

Healthy looking skin simplified

Way back in August, we covered the types of foundations available, this week we are going to re-visit foundations to a degree and in particular in relation to improve your technique for having great looking skin.

You may not have perfect skin but Agim Salon is going to share a few tips that can help you to at least make your skin look that much better. Having healthy skin is of importance but not everyone can achieve this, in many cases through no fault of their own. However, if you can achieve and maintain healthy skin you will require less make up when you want to apply it. So let’s just get on with the tips….

Apply a primer before the foundation – By applying a primer, a concealer and foundation will simply glide on nice and smoothly and not settle in and lines or wrinkles. A moisturizer will work but not as effectively. The tip is to apply the foundation within 60 seconds of applying the primer, so get everything ready before you leap in to action.

Next step is to apply a concealer under the eyes, along the chin and nose, giving serious attention to the area around the nose, especially any visibly red areas. To conceal this redness, simply ‘dot’ the concealer on it.

Now add some foundation, which you do not need to apply in large doses. Initially concentrate on areas where the skin tone is uneven, around the nose is a common area where this applies.

Okay, now you have a little foundation and quite probably a two-tone face. Not a problem, as you are now going to blend the foundation. Add a little foundation where you want or need it (around the neck line perhaps for instance) then blend it gently with your foundation brush. There should be no need to apply it all over your face Agim Salon would suggest running a few ‘trials’ when you have some time to experiment and see how little coverage you can get away with, you might surprise yourself.

Ideally you will have chosen a foundation color that is a close match to your natural color, this really does make the process that much easier and a darn sight quicker. It is also a very good idea to avoid trying to make your skin appear darker by using foundation; the result will look all too obvious.

It really is that simple! Okay, maybe with a little practice perhaps but not a great deal. Just keep to the basics highlighted above in terms of colors and area of coverage.





The foundation of a beautiful face

Years ago, when our parents were the “young generation”, foundation options were somewhat limited and most were creams that were available were thick and unmanageable. Nowadays of course, the choice has become considerably greater, which can lead to some confusion for the consumer. So, we at Agim Salon have created a short guide to foundation types to help guide you in the right direction.

Foundations are now available in many different types and while thick creams are still manufactured, they are typically more manageable. Other types of foundation available are liquids, cream to powder, mousse/whipped foundation, tinted moisturizers, minerals and concealers.

Liquid foundations are very popular, mainly down to the ease in which it can be applied very smoothly and is widely available, and by using a makeup sponge that is slightly moist enables you to improve the smoothness. Liquid foundation is excellent around the eyes, especially if you want to add a little more for better coverage and by using a small brush you will achieve better control of the application. These liquid foundations are available in waterproof (or smudge proof) and non-waterproof and your skin will determine which is best suited to you. The waterproof/smudge proof foundations typically contain oils and other ingredients that may create a reaction to skin, causing a little irritation, if you experience this or any other unexpected reaction of the skin then make the switch to a non-waterproof foundation and see if the results improve.

Another very popular foundation is the cream-to-powder variety, Agim Salon use the Fifth Element Liquid Powder Mineral foundation; which is “oil free” and the application is the same as other liquids but this will dry out, creating a “powder finish” that will last all day. What makes this option appealing is the easy application.

Mousse (or whipped) foundations are simply liquid foundation that has air “whipped” in, creating a smoother and lighter composition and are also popular as they can be applied thinly, in layers, giving you better control of the application. This type is especially ideal for ageing or dry skin, as it tends to apply smoothly and not filling any facial lines. It costs a little more due to the packaging and specialized processes in making it but it is worth that extra money.

Tinted moisturizer may be an excellent choice if you want to address a dry skin problem or correct an uneven skin tone without applying to the whole face. In addition to adding color, the tinted moisturizer will soften and protect the skin with the bonus that you do not need to apply a separate layer of foundation as it provides both applications in one.

A concealer is typically used for masking small blemishes that are visible or to cover dark patches or freckles etc. as it blends in well with the tone of the surrounding skin, providing a more uniform appearance in the color. A concealer can be used with or without foundation, is available in a large range of shades, and use of this product is becoming increasing popular with men too.

The most recent innovation in the world of make-up is the mineral foundations, a make-up that’s good for the skin. Being perfect for use with sensitive skin or allergies, these foundations have become very popular. Widely advertised as a “soft focus” appearance, mineral make-ups have been compared with airbrushing as a flawless appearance is created .Apply with a big “puffy brush” and build layers or near invisible powder. Agim Salon offers the “Fifth Element” range of mineral foundation that you can build up coverage with little effort – providing a beautiful looking complexion, protection and treatment for your skin.

Agim Salon uses the “Fifth Element” range of mineral products which consists of Foundation, Liquid Powder SPF 15, Sheer Tint SPF 20, Gemstone Finishing Bronzer and Sheer Matte Bronzer. For more details, contact AgimSalon.com here