A few weeks ago Agim Salon discussed changing hair color to dark from light, a simple enough process but what about making the opposite change?

There are some methods you can adopt and visiting a salon is just one of them and if you want to try one or more methods suggested below just remember that timing and hair condition need consideration, Agim Salon would recommend you visit a hair salon to discuss these kind of consideration. You can ask Agim Salon who will be happy to help.


While direct sunlight will create a lighter shade it only changes the hair that is exposed to its rays. If you are happy with just the outer layer being lighter and you are fortunate enough to have sufficient sunlight then you can do this at no cost.

For those of you who want to achieve more or cannot spend enough time in the sun, here are a few methods you could try out.

Off-the-shelf product

Many local drugs stores stock lightening sprays, which are simply to use and are easily affordable. Spray the hair where you want it and blow dry. Did I mention it was simple? If you are going out in to the sun you can perform this very easily task just before you go out and the sun will create a chemical reaction with the spray and make the color even lighter.


Many drug stores also stock hair dye and this can be used to lighten hair coloring but is perhaps limited to achieving just 2 or 3 shades lighter. Select a shade slightly lighter than you want (perhaps just 1 shade). When using a dye, the lightening process is permanent and to go back to your original color will require more dyeing. Do not chemically dye your hair more than 1 time in a 4-6 week period.

Hair Salon

Of course going to your local hair salon is the option if you want instant results but it is going to cost more. You will also get a great amount of information about changing hair color from these people and they may even doing it way be an unwise choice. Contact Agim Salon HERE and they will be happy to help you with this.


Add a little lemon juice, squeezed from the lemon or from a bottle, to the conditioner you use. By adding more, the more the lightening effect will be and may be a case of trial and error perhaps. The conditioner protects the hair so you need not worry about that. The lemon juice approach may take several attempts if you have dark hair and probably will not work on black hair.

Agim Salon are always happy to help you with anything in relation to hair and beauty. Feel free to contact us and simply ask your question(s)