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Manicure – as easy as 1-2-3

This week, Agim Salon is going unisex on our topic, the topic of manicures and how to manicure your own nails. It is a straight forward task requiring a few tools and a little bit of time to do the job properly. Manicure sets are readily available and do not need to be the most expensive to get great results.

By using the diagram above you should be able to find your way around your nails with ease.

Now to making your nails look and feel perfect.

  • Wash your hands, and then dry them.
  • Using an emery board nail file (double-sided), gently file the “distal edge” of the nail. Try not to go too close to the corners as you could weaken them this way.
  • While filing, you can shape your nails. The most common is perhaps in an oval but the shape of your hand may be better suited to a “flat” look
  • To see how smooth you have made your nails run them over a pair of nylon tights (or similar). If the nails are smooth, they will not snag the nylon.
  • Now it is time to pay attention to the cuticles by applying a softener to them and allow the softener to soak the cuticles for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.
  • Place your hands in some warm water (preferably in a bowl) and soak the nails for a few more minutes.
  • Now you can push the cuticles from front to back of the nail. This will remove the excess growth and should be painless.
  • Now put some hand lotion on one set of nails and massage it in to the fingers with the palm of the other hand, then simply repeat the process for the other hand.

This procedure is fine if you are not wearing nail varnish, if you are wearing nail varnish then return next week when Agim Salon will show you how to deal with this too.

If you have any question relating to any aspects of hair or beauty please do not hesitate to contact us.

It’s a mans world, but not as you know it

At Agim Salon, since starting our blog, we have focused on beauty aspects predominantly aimed at females but today we are going to change that because men need to take care of themselves too!

We are going to cover male grooming this week (in very general terms) and will expand in the weeks and months to come to cover all the important issues.

The days when all it took, for a night out, was a quick shave, shower and spray of your best smelling deodorant have truly been consigned to the past, sorry guys but it’s a fact and if you are still “old school” you may want to re-think about your pre-night out routine. Male grooming, over time has evolved and is considered to be on a par with the female grooming rituals as far more pride in appearance has become “fashionable” to the point of absolutely necessary.

To some men (perhaps some of the older generation) what is mentioned in the next sentence could well get a negative reaction as it may be seen as unmanly but hey! Its 2012 get with the program guys. There are male lipsticks and eye shadows available and even manicured nails are growing in popularity. There is now a belief along the lines of looking good to feel good and if the look is not right, confidence takes a hit, it seems men can no longer live without both.

To “real” men (to coin a phrase) this appears to be a step too far and women should like their man to be rugged, just like the good old days. To some guys, no doubt, that remains an appealing prospect but in most cases it simply is not going to happen. The women folk expect/demand more of the modern man (for those who were not previously aware) so if you are single and on “the prowl” you will need to make far more of an effort than in days gone by.

At Agim Salon we are going to explain how to get you up to speed, explain a few tricks to help you make the transition effortlessly and painlessly so return to our blog and catch up with what suggestions we have for you.