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Hair Massaging

Welcome back to Agim Salon and hopefully you have tried out our brushing method, now we are going to move on to massaging the scalp, another very important part of hair maintenance.

Ideally you want to try performing three scalp massages a day if possible and make sure you use a totally natural massager, not an artificial or plastic version as these are likely to scratch your scalp and are not especially scalp and hair friendly.

Starting from the necks nape (you must start here), massage in a circular movement, vigorously but gently for about 4 to 5 minutes or if you feel a tingling sensation from the scalp you can stop at this point as the blood will be flowing nicely. When you wash your hair you can use this method for about one minute following the first application of shampoo and for three minutes on the second application. The point of massaging this way is to stimulate the scalp and activating the sebaceous glands and what should happen is a balanced flow of sebum will be released.

The final topic to cover is the types of brush that you should use. A brush with a natural bristle is what to look for; the bristles of the Boar are perfect as the likeness to human hair is quite uncanny, are unobtrusive and gentle and capable of distributing the natural oils and absorbing the excess while cleaning away foreign matter. The choice of brush is dependent on your scalp and hair thickness and this can be a case of trial and error, the aim is to find a brush that has a soothing and enlivening effect on the scalp. If your scalp is sensitive then a softer brush will be the better option.

Agim Salon will be back next week so please return to view what we have in store for you next.

Getting to the root of hair loss

Happy New Year to you all from Agim Salon

This week we are going to embark on a short series regarding the importance of brushing hair, what brush to use, the way to brush properly and massage the scalp.

The first stage then is to explain why brushing hair is so important. Did you realize for example that daily brushing is a better method of cleansing your hair than using artificial ingredient based shampoo?

Brushing properly is an extremely important element of hair maintenance and it will rejuvenate your hair, more so when you combine this with scalp massaging.

What does brushing do?

It removes waste materials that are encrusted on your scalp, such as catarrh, uric acid deposits and other impurities. It will also stimulate the capillaries, increase the circulation of blood and in turn provides the hair with more nutrients and oxygen. There is one further benefit and is more important than those already mentioned – It stimulates oil and hormone producing glands that keep the pores open and allows them to breathe and retain natural oils.

Hair loss

The loss of hair is almost always traced back to sebaceous glands where natural oils and a lubricating system are secreted. If these glands become unbalanced they can produce too much or too little sebum, fatty oils that are delivering the nutrients.

Over-production will cause the follicles to drown and this will interfere with nourishment levels to the roots. The scalp then becomes weak and hair loss will begin. Under-production makes the roots undernourished; the hair then becomes brittle as it dries out, and eventually falls out.

If you are frequently introducing various chemicals to your hair in the form of gels, conditioners, shampoos etc. then these too can cause the pores to be clogged up.

Next week Agim Salon will highlight what the effects of these chemical based products can be.