A change of hairstyle can be so appealing for many women for so many reasons and having a short hairstyle is a very popular choice if you looking for a substantial makeover. However, short hair is not all a “bed of roses” and there are some drawbacks or cons (if you prefer). Agim Salon, this week, are going to suggest to you the benefits and drawbacks of taking such a dramatic course of action.

The benefits are (and in no particular order)

  1. An obvious starter is that styling short hair can be so much quicker and easier. A quick brush through may well be enough to start your day.
  2. If you have worn long hair for many years, short hair will provide you with a considerable boost and make no mistake – people you know ARE going to notice! Remember how many times you trimmed your long hair only for your partner to not notice?
  3. Short hair is more suitable for the summer months and holidays to hot climates and of course should you fancy a “dip” at the seaside on your holiday it takes considerably less time to dry and manage your hair after it has been dipped in the salty water.
  4. Short hair offers the opportunity to “make a statement” with a single hair color. Ideal if you like bold colors such as red or black.
  5. Short hair appears to grab the attention more than long hair. Despite the belief that men prefer longer hair, women with short hair can be equally appealing.
  6. Short hair as mentioned above is easier to manage – it is also cheaper to maintain as you use less shampoo and/or conditioner and does not blow around in the wind, covering your eyes at a vital moment in time. Additionally less styling is required which in turn means less damage to your hair.

So, enough good points to make the change worthwhile but what of the not-so-good points?

  1. It may not be quite so easy to project the feminine look, depending on your facial features although some make up can turn this disadvantage around.
  2. Obviously with short hair you will lose the versatility that long hair offers.
  3. Once the transformation is complete, you might not even like the “new look” you have created and it is going to take some time to get your long hair back or even have it sufficiently long enough to create another style.
  4. You are going to feel colder in the winter.
  5. If you like your short hair and want to keep that look, you will probably need to trim the hair more frequently, perhaps every 4-6 weeks.
  6. Just because you now have short hair does not necessarily mean you will not need to style it so often, sometimes it needs to be daily to create even a reasonable appearance. It is even possible that you may need to perform a daily ritual of washing it to remove the products you previously used to style your hair.

Agim Salon has highlighted just a few “pros” and “cons” to making the switch to short hair and ultimately the decision to change or not rests with you.

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