This week, Agim Salon is going to touch on Mascara, well some types of mascara to be more precise. They come in a variety of forms from the basic to the glittery types. The choice can be overwhelming to the inexperienced user so we are going to try and simplify things a little and highlight some major differences.

First thing to explain is that there are just two basic kinds of mascara based on their composition, water proof and non-water proof. The water proof version will resist moisture such as rain, sweat or tears etc. Whichever type you buy, they are likely to be wax, fat or oil based products as these are water repellant.

The water proof mascaras are perhaps best for those that are active or at work for the majority of the day as they do not require frequent attention to keep them looking just right and ideal for wearing to places like the beach, parties or visiting anywhere where there is moisture in the air. The only downside is that water proof mascara requires a make-up remover to get rid of it. You may be able to remove a certain amount with soap and water but you will never remove all of it. Some manufactures are a little sneaky and produce mascara that can only be removed by using their mascara remover and it is possible that by trying another brand of remover could cause some kind of adverse reaction.

Non-water proof mascara will not last on the lashes as long but they should not be considered as being inferior to the water proof version, and are manufactured to be easier and lighter to apply. This lighter composition enables manufacturers to add other ingredients to create specialty mascaras. Being non-water proof they will of course run when in contact with some kind of moisture which will place a limit on how long you can wear it but on the plus side they are easily removed.

Mascaras are mainly either in a liquid, powder of cream form. The powders were the original form and are dusted over eye lashes or put on using a wet brush and are ideal for a short duration.

The creams are heavier but their properties also mean they have a strong hold and a good thickening effect. Putting it on can be a messy affair but using a grooved applicator makes the job easier.

The most common of the modern day are the liquids and are the best for coloring and darkening your lashes and absolutely ideal with well curled eye lashes to add a little definition.

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