Lipsticks come in a massive range of types and colors and picking the best option can be a bit of a minefield so Agim Salon this week is going to introduce to the wide variety of types available, underlining the pro’s and con’s and hopefully helping you to choose the most suitable one.

Gloss – Still a favorite for small and thin lips as it acts as an enhancer, adding a lush shine and projects the illusion of greater depth. You can wear gloss lipstick in tandem with a traditional lipstick or on its own.

Matte – A flat and mat lipstick but provides a colorful shade that is attractive. It is ideal for ‘fuller’ lips and well as those that are smooth. Most young people can wear Matte lipstick but as you get a little older and your lips start to show signs of aging, you may need to consider changing.

Moisturizing – A suitable lipstick if your lips are dry as it keeps the lips soft. Containing glycerin, aloe and vitamin E ingredients they soften and nourish the lips and give a shiny, wet look but does not tend to last as long as other lipsticks.

Cream – This is another good option if you have small lips although does not give such a shiny appearance as other may do. To get a more shinny look you can simply add some lip gloss. The cream lipsticks normally contain more wax in comparison to other types and this may can shorten the life-span on the look and make your lips feel dry.

Satin & Sheer – These are good choices if you have dry lips as they contain oils. They keep lips moisturized and give a glossy appearance. The color of the ‘lippy’ inside the tube may be a little misleading though and once applied appears to be lighter so you may need re-apply several times to get the finish you want.

Frosted or Pearl – This will grab the attention and they make for an excellent choice for party nights. They give off a wonderful glistening and sparkling effect and project a look of confidence. It is perhaps best to apply a lip-gloss prior to applying the frosted or pearl finish to prevent the lips from drying out and cracking.

Long Wearing or Transfer Resistant – These are ideal for those of you have precious little time to frequently apply lipstick. Long-wearing will typically last 4-6 hours and the transfer resistant can last up to 8 hours, sometimes longer. However, if you are planning a meal where the food may contain high levels of grease or oil the life-span will be reduced quite considerably. Both of these can also make lips feel dry so moisturizer may be required to prevent that from happening.

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Next time Agim Salon discuss lipsticks, we will look at shades and some interesting facts about lipstick so make sure you keep returning as we provide more information on how to stay looking beautiful.